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YEAR 1940

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YEAR 1990


LLIRIA, also called in Roman times "EDETA", is the most important city located in the Camp del Turia region of the province of Valencia (Spain).

From time immemorial, it was an enterprising city, dynamic, full of history and pioneer in agricultural products among others Wine and oil.

Its olive trees many of them millenary have been for many years a source of wealth of the City. In the decade of the forties the roots of what it is today were cemented OLIVES EDETA, S.L.

This company, in its first steps of life, has been working, creating and innovating in a traditional way, the elaboration and dressing of olives and pickles, but since 1990, it has been advancing in the incorporation of technology that the era offered and along with the human effort , Had become a pioneer in this sector.